Campaign Timeline

Here are the chronicles of a brave band of adventures seeking to restore order and justice over the masterful villains who wish to wrought woe and deception in these dark times. In these tales you will learn of the daring adventures of the Savvy Swashbuckler, an Enigmatic Wizard, a Boisterous Bard, a Silent Wood Elf, a Tactical Archer, A Devout Priest, a Battle-Hardened Cleric, a Worldly Druid & a Daring Sorcerer.

In these tales you will learn of their great and heroic deeds and the grave challenges they face both morally and physically.

Our story begins with the adventures hailing from different kingdoms crossings paths by happenstance near the boarder of the Western Heartlands and Cormyr on their individual quests & missions to the great Metropolis of Marsember yet unbeknownst to them they will become part of an adventure of a lifetime.

The Story So Far

The Forgotten Realm of Toril

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