The Forgotten Realm of Toril

The First Crossing

The Tale of two cities

The First Crossing

  • The Wood Elf is on his way from Waterdeep to Marsember in Cormyr for an “easy” assignment to “sequester” a certain item from a certain group.
  • The Cleric is leaving from a mission at Dragonspear Castle the is on his way to his church for resupplies in Secomber
  • The Bard is on a boat making his way from the Merchant City-State of Teziirto to the booming city of Marsember While on board the boat he has been requested to perform for a prince and his “lady”. He made a great performance but was saddled with two poor performers, yet his skill saved the day and saved faced in from of an important yet mysterious Prince.
  • The Wizard is deep in study in Everska yet like all elves he has found time to indulge in his own passion for the arts of theater and performance. While practicing his art he has been summoned by his Mentor and instructor to gather key elements in research of a new spell in a city called Thunderstone far east in Cormyr.


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