The Forgotten Realm of Toril

The Story So Far

The Story So Far

In the summer of 1361, the Great Kingdom of Cormyr has been under-siege on all sides by both real and meta-physical threats. The borders to Cormyr have been recently closed to all but sanctioned merchants and pilgrims which require special approval from the High Lords of each border region. As such commerce has slowed but to a trickle and the black market has struggled to find in-roads through the closed borders.

In the small city of Arbadel, a real and present threat has struck the city and its citizen, over the past several months the dead have been rising in random locations. The city guard has been put on full alert and the clergy and wizards are at a loss of how and why, meanwhile the citizens have been unnerved by the appearance of undead on the roads into and out of the city leaving the city under a virtual crack-down.

The High Lord of the city has placed a mandate on the clergy and wizards to find the source and end it.


cyterrin cyterrin

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