The Forgotten Realm of Toril

A Rude Awaking

A Battle- Cleric Arrives to Arabel to return to his temple, he is thoroughly questioned by the town guard about his motives and where he has been (Dragon Spire City for training). They allow him to enter the city, as he travels to his temple he is repeatedly approached by followers of his faith asking for a blessing from the evils that are happening around the city, he offers unenthusiastic blessings as he goes to his temple to find the doors to temple shut and locked, he goes around back through the cloister entrance. He finds the entire congregation in feverishness prayer. He decided to go to his room and rest after the long trek.

The Bard upon entering the tavern becomes one within his element and searched for a spot to perform to earn his meal and some coin. The Dwarven Archer finds a seat and orders two mugs of Ale to drowned out the foolishness that he seems to be surround in. The Swashbuckler and Wood Elf go to the Back bar and start gathering info about the Tower and the undead threat. The Devote Dwarven Cleric goes upstairs to his room to meditate on what has happened so far and get clarity from his god.

The Druid enters into the Witch’s Teat and goes to find her contact. as soon as she goes into the second main room a large amount of commotion happens in the main room. There are 8 cloaked figures who all stand up and without provocation stab the serving girl in the face, she screams and falls to the floor dead, the group then spreads out and starts brutally attacking the other tavern customers.

The Archer, Druid, Wizard find themselves at the front of the fight and engage the brutal thugs. The swashbuckler, Wood Elf and Bard enjoin the fight from the other side of the room. In the mist of battle the Druid & Swashbuckler are the first to recognize the thugs are in fact undead. The Wizard finds that two of the thugs are casters and one of them was driving the cart of dead bodies from early in the week.

The Druid was single handedly fighting the undead that appeared to be a powerful caster. The undead casters were raising any living creature that recently died as zombies. If not for the fast acting Archer and the distractions from the wizard and powerful attacks from the druid more undead would have been raised from the many bodies that they had killed.

The swashbuckler, wood elf and bard were engaged in a line of undead all intent on killing them and raising them as undead minions. For every one they killed another was raised.

Suddenly the Battle-Cleric threw open the door and waded into the fight as he sense their undead nature. Moments later the Devote Cleric runs down from upstairs and hearing and seeing the fight enters in the room and summons his god’s divine power to turn the undead, as before it seems that his power is only half effective against these brutally nasty undead. The ensuing battle finally came to an end when the last undead was struck down, with the exception of two in the pantry where they were cowering in the corner from the turning that the cleric had done.

No sooner had that happened the town guard and militia ran in and Captain Mann comes running in and shouting orders to secure the area. the group tells Capt. Mann that more are in the pantry he orders for the Living Essence and demands to know what happened, the group gives their version of the events and they are told they will need to return to the quarters for a debriefing. However High Wizard Gilnaius comes in with two other wizards and looks at Capt. Mann and tells him it is time to put the plan in place especially now they are inside the city. Capt. Mann agrees but seems very reluctant. He orders the guard to take the bodies and burn them quickly in the field.

High Wizard of the Mage’s Tower within Arabel named Gilnaius the Calm urges and prods the group to come to the lower level of the witches teat to get the paralyzed Halfing druid the wizard tower for treatment against the attack made by the undead surprise assault. He ushers the group through a portal inside a pit used for wizard dueling 100 feet deep and 200 feet wide at the bottom of the pit are metal devices with runes on them, the wizard climbs down and goes to one of the devices and begins chanting he as soon as he stopped a archway appears and says to the group please hurry through we don"t have much time.

The group follows the wizard through the archway and with a lot of wind pushing against them they are suddenly in a wizard lab. The wizard tells the group to put the Halfing on a lab table and another wizard comes up to start inspecting him. He informs the group that a cleric of signification experience will need to use their magic to restore the Halfing.

Gilnaius the Calm addresses the group: since you have inadvertently been wrapped into this diabolical & tragic scheme from what appears to be the work of a cult. We have just recently found out there whereabouts unfortunately it was to late to stop this first of what will most doubtless become frequent attacks. We need to strike the cult at its base to stop these attacks.

We will be erecting barriers to the town to hedge out the undead but that means we can not leave without disrupting the magic. We need proven warriors to go and seek out this group and put an end to them. The city guard are stretched to thin and the type of magic that these undead are being fueled with requires strong and brave warriors to fight them. You have proven yourselves capable of doing that, we implore you to take this mission and end this threat to this town.

The Bard requests some kind of compensation if he is to take this mission. Gilnaius states they will be rewarded and outfitted to destroy the undead and get to the heart of this cult and stop it. The bard request hard currency. Gilnaius says he will have 1000g to pay out when the threat has ended. He will help outfit and equip them for this mission as well the clerics of Lathandor which are helping against this undead threat.

The First Crossing Redux

H2. An Untimely Run-In

At the Crossroads

  • The Human Swashbuckler discovers a dead Dwarf at the crossroads to Arabel and gets sicken by the smell of the dead body
  • The Wood Elf is following the Swashbuckler from afar observing him
  • A Dwarven Cleric traveling to Arabel happens upon the sicken Swashbuckler and tries to help him recover from the foul smell, the Dwarf knows the smell but can not remember the facts of what it is.
  • The Dwarven Cleric sees the Wood Elf and the Wood Elf dismounts and quickly blends into the forest to go unseen with his horse
  • The Swashbuckler recovers from being sicken and sees movement in off the path in the trees, he goes to investigate.
  • The Dwarven Cleric goes to inspect the dead body and find out the cause of death.
  • The Swashbuckler is assaulted by the four undead zombies
  • The Cleric casts a protection spell on himself, just as a skeleton and the dead dwarf rise and attempt to attack him
  • The Swashbuckler dodges multiple attacks and deftly slices of an arm of one of the undead
  • The Cleric calls upon his God and destroys an unknown number of undead yet the two that are attacking him go unharmed
  • The Swashbuckler begins backing out of the brush and head toward the cleric
  • The Cleric once again calls upon his God and confirms destruction of 3 zombies and an unknown number in the surrounding area. The Undead that are attacking the cleric swipe at him and he become nauseated from their attack.
  • The Swashbuckler dismembers another undead, The Cleric calls upon his god to turn the evil undead away but the power is waning and destroys an unknown number of undead but having no effect on the one attacking him.
  • The Cautious Dwarven Fighter who is making his way from Secomber to the Captail city of Cormyr “Suzail”: sees the clash ahead and dismounts from his pony and draws his crossbow and fires a shot from over 100 feet away and strikes the zombie and ends the evil life force in it.
  • The Wood elf remains hidden however sees a caster around a tree with a cart full of bodies casting, he moves silently forward only to see the caster stop casting and quickly jumps on the cart and rides off toward Arabel with the cart full of bodies. He reveals himself and tell the other combatants that the caster rode off toward the city.

In Arabel

  • The small group bands together and heads toward Arabel.
  • The group arrives deep in the evening to the gates of Arabel. The Cleric asks for entry but the town guard refuse. The Cleric uses his quick and lies that their are undead coming and they have to be let in. The Swashbuckler & Wood Elf play along and the guard appears to be convinced and quickly open the gate.
  • The reason they were let in is because the bluff was in reality a truth, the small group were being pursued unbeknownst to them by what appears to be small groups of undead coming toward the city.
  • The captain of the guard named Captain Mann comes storming up cursing the gate guards for letting anyone in at that time of night especially since they were potentially under attack again. The Captain tells the group that they need to stay at the Witch’s Teat and not sleep until they are debriefed by the Captain.

A Bard on a Boat

  • The Bard named Lucky is eating and fascinating people to get more favorable reactions, when a porter runs in and whispers to the captain. the captain quickly gets up and rushes out, only to return moments later and inform the group that they are to all go to their rooms as what appears as a two pirate ships are fast gaining on them.
  • Lucky senses something amiss and looks out and see the ships are actually Dragon Coast Militia ships not pirate ships. He informs the Captain of this and the Captain tells him that this has happened before they want payment and goes to gather any spare money that the passengers have.
  • Lucky goes down and dons his fighting equipment and hides aft deck to see what actually transpires. As he thought the Captain of the Dragon Coast ship asks for payment for safe passage the captain complies and is about to hand over bags of money to the Orc Captain who is 7 feet tall.
  • Lucky fascinates the ships crew to be moral and upstanding and they are better than this. many of the ship crew members silently agree. Lucky then insults the Orc Captain and the Starbreeze Captain tries to tell lucky to stop. the Orc Captain yells to send the gang plank across and board the ship.
  • Lucky again fascinates both crews to be with him on doing the right thing and be upstanding, all on the starbreeze agrees with him and many on the Dragon Coast Milita boat do the same and begin to revolt. the captain of the starbreeze is outraged and attacks Lucky. Lucky quickly disarms the captain and takes him prisoner. The revolt on the milita ship is in full bloom and lucky orders the first mate to get the ship moving away from the milita ship, the first mate is seriously reluctant but complies sort of, he moves the ship inline with the milita ship and heads toward the nears safe harbor of Arabel.
  • Lucky goes to find if the Prince is ok. The prince seems at first unfazed by the attack but when asking more questions he then becomes concerned, Lucky becomes suspicious and cannot tell if the Prince is lying or not. The Prince stares at Lucky for a moment and nods his head and Lucky suddenly feels compelled to go to the Wild Goose and meet a man named Arvent and once he meets him he will be rewarded.

A Wild Goose chase

  • A druid arrives after several days of travel to Arabel to meet up with a renown Druid at the Wild Goose. She is allowed passage into the city with no incidents on the road with undead, although the entire city is in a cloud of nervousness because of the sighting of many undead.
  • The druid goes to the Wild Goose tavern but does not find the person she is looking for when ordering a drink from the bar the price is too steep, uncommonly high in fact that she leaves, yet while looking once more through the crowd she catches sight of a halfling in the far corner who nods and beacons her over.
  • The Halfing named Mord Irt tells the druid that the meeting place has switch to the Witch’s Teat due to the change of customers at the Wild goose which are nothing but guards mans and militia. He sends her to meet the druid.
  • Lucky arrives at the Wild Goose and asks for Arvent from the Barkeep, the Barkeep eyes glaze over and he stares off vacant for a moment and then tells lucky to follow him. He is taken into a back room and waves his hand over the back wall and suddenly the wall moves out of the way to a set of stairs going down into another bar, but with many people in various states of drunkenness. The barkeep walks him to Arvent. Lucky ask if he is arvent and the man simple tells him to follow him. The man leads him into a meat storage room with a pit in the middle for waste. The man draws his sword and tells Lucky that he is Arvent and he is going to die. Lucky snaps out of the pall he was under by the Prince and draws his sword and fights, he is cut up but in the end he finds Arvents weak spot and digs his blade into his throat instantly killing the thug.
  • Lucky swiftly leaves the room and ask a barmaid how to get to the bathroom and is lead out of the den back to his horse, he goes toward to a local church to ask questions but they are closed, he ends up asking a guard how he would get to his destination and he tells him he would need to go to the witch’s teat for more info.

Last Call

  • The Cleric, Swashbuckler, the Wood Elf, the Enchanter, the Bard and the Druid are all in the Witch’s Teat mulling about asking questions or waiting for answers when all of a sudden a great deal of screams and sounds of fighting are coming from the main room….
The Story So Far

The Story So Far

In the summer of 1361, the Great Kingdom of Cormyr has been under-siege on all sides by both real and meta-physical threats. The borders to Cormyr have been recently closed to all but sanctioned merchants and pilgrims which require special approval from the High Lords of each border region. As such commerce has slowed but to a trickle and the black market has struggled to find in-roads through the closed borders.

In the small city of Arbadel, a real and present threat has struck the city and its citizen, over the past several months the dead have been rising in random locations. The city guard has been put on full alert and the clergy and wizards are at a loss of how and why, meanwhile the citizens have been unnerved by the appearance of undead on the roads into and out of the city leaving the city under a virtual crack-down.

The High Lord of the city has placed a mandate on the clergy and wizards to find the source and end it.

The First Crossing
The Tale of two cities

The First Crossing

  • The Wood Elf is on his way from Waterdeep to Marsember in Cormyr for an “easy” assignment to “sequester” a certain item from a certain group.
  • The Cleric is leaving from a mission at Dragonspear Castle the is on his way to his church for resupplies in Secomber
  • The Bard is on a boat making his way from the Merchant City-State of Teziirto to the booming city of Marsember While on board the boat he has been requested to perform for a prince and his “lady”. He made a great performance but was saddled with two poor performers, yet his skill saved the day and saved faced in from of an important yet mysterious Prince.
  • The Wizard is deep in study in Everska yet like all elves he has found time to indulge in his own passion for the arts of theater and performance. While practicing his art he has been summoned by his Mentor and instructor to gather key elements in research of a new spell in a city called Thunderstone far east in Cormyr.

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