House Rules

Character Creation

To Create your character follow the standard rules within the D&D PHB 3.5 v2 and use the following exceptions.

Ability Scores & Description

  • Use the Point Buy System for determining Ability Scores – This is a High Powered Campaign which allows for 32 points to buy your ability score.
  • Only Good Alignments allowed, Neutral Alignments must be discussed prior to selecting


  • Standard Races (and variants) and Commonly seen humanoid races (except evil races like drow, druegar or Orc unless by explicit DM approval which requires a detail back story on how and why)


  • Any Base Class can be selected from the Complete Series and Player’s Handbook. (exception is ninja and samurai – must have a back story prior to selecting on how and why they are on this side of the Continent)


  • Each player needs to have at least one profession or craft (5 points for free at first level for one profession or craft) Profession List
  • All Item Creation Feats & craft skill no longer expend xp in the creation (unless the spell drains xp as part of its cost to cast). The calculation for xp expenditure is now the cost of gold to purchase materials to make item. The cost in gold to make the item is also now the amount of xp gained for making item.
  • There is no Common language in this version of Forgotten Realms. many people can use a pidgin language that exists between regions but a negative is imposed on any and all dealings when trying to communicate with such a language)
  • The closest to common is Chondathan or a racial language
  • Each character starts with their regional language and additional language if intelligence modifier is high enough to grant another language
  • It is always a free/immediate action to use skills (exception craft & profession) while in combat to get new or additionally information that may aid in the conflict.


  • Regional feats from the Campaign setting, player guide & races of Faerun are only allowed if your character was born and raised in the region.

Spells & Magic Overview

  • All 0 level spells are cast as Swift spells
  • Paladins & Rangers gain 0 level spells at 2nd level (instead of 4th) (cased off spell casting score)
  • Arcane Spell Failure is applicable for all spell casters without the Armor proficiency feat and/or still spell
  • Counter-spelling is always possible with a free action of spell check and use of appropriate counter-spell or dispel magic.
  • Gods walk among you, Divine casters especially know this and should remember their actions are being monitored whether they realize it or not. For Divine Spell casters actions or use of powers that are in direct conflict with alignment or will of their god is subject to punishment by loss of powers & spells.

Additional Familiar Types

  • Bird – Owl, hawk, falcon, eagle, gulls, pelicans, crow, parrot. Owls have superb night vision but tend to be inactive during the day. Crows and parrots can speak one language (usually common) in a croaking voice. Predatory birds can hunt or be fed fresh meat. Crows will also eat carrion. Other birds generally eat seeds, nuts, and berries.
  • Dog – Dogs can use their superb senses of smell and hearing to see past simple deceptions. Dog familiars grant their owners a +2 bonus to Sense Motive checks.
  • Fox – Good hunters and even better at evading predators. Fox are carniverous and grant their spell casters a +2 bonus to Reflex saves.
  • Hare – Larger cousing of the rabbit, they tend to be skittish, although hare familiars are much braver than others of their kind. Keen senses of smell and hearing, swift runners, good jumpers. Hare familars grant +2 bonus to Listen checks and eat all sorts of vegetables.
  • Lizard – Geckos, iguanas, chameleons, etc. Found in warm (often tropical) forested areas. Good climbers, eat insects and small animals, prefer live food (some eat fresh meat or sometimes food). Lizards grant +2 bonus to Climb checks.
  • Mouse – Very good at hiding, and grant a +2 bonus to Hide checks. Cannot do any damage in combat. Primarily eat vegetables and grains.
  • Otter – Clever amphibious animals. Good swimmers and divers. Otters grant a +2 bonus to Swim checks to the owner.
  • Raccoon – Grant a +2 bonus to Pick Pockets checks for their masters.
  • Skunk – When threatened, can spray a foul-smelling musk 10 feet, and hits with a successful ranged touch attack. If the attack hits, the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 14) or be nauseated for 1d4 rounds. A skunk familiar’s master is immune to the musk attacks of all skunks. Only one target can be affected by the musk, and only once per day. Skunks are omnivorous and particularly enjoy eating insects.
  • Squirrel – Excellent climbers and jumpers. Can gnaw through soft wood, leather, rope. Can pick up small objects (but not carry, since they run on all fours). They eat fruit, nuts, grains. Squirrels gramt a +2 bonus to Reflex saves.
  • Other Animals – Other small, plain animals can be used as familiars. More exotic or dangerous animals might be familars if you get the Improved Familiar (Tome and Blood) feat.

Combat & Movement

  • Concentration check will be made (multiple times possible) when a character is in a threaten square
  • Character Death occurs when hit points depleted past a character total consitution
  • IF a character dies a PC is allowed to re-roll a new character but one level lower than character that died, but with starting gold is the sum of previous characters items and wealth.
  • Doing non lethal damage does not impose a penalty on your attack roll
  • Lethal & non-lethal damage stack, if mixed damage is over 75% of hit points must make a fort save (DC 15) of become staggered
  • Facing is now applicable for any creature that is Large or bigger
  • Carrying capacity for a character who is overloaded will impose movement and combat penalities
  • Getting Lost is real and valid concern if PC’s do not keep track of time or location, both will be forgotten unless a PC remembers it.
Critical Damage
  • On a natural roll of 20, damage is maxed (per PHB). On a roll within the weapon threat range,
    Player rolls again to confirm critical.
    If the player rolls again to confirm critical by beating the AC of the target which if hits will double the damage. If fails only does maxed weapon damage.
    If a player rolls another 20, and the roll beats the AC of the target it is considered to have taken a fatal blow and is killed instantly (0 hit points) regardless of the target’s current hit points. The saving throw is a fort save DC 20 (if saved incapacitated). if the roll is another 20, as there is no save against this deadly and extremely rare lucky roll of the die.
  • Hit Locations
  • Called shot is -4 for targeting Main Body parts
  • Main Body parts are:
    Left or Right chest: -2 to attack & skills that require manual manipulation
    Abdomen: Movement reduced to 20 or 15 and -2 to attack
    Left or Right Leg: movement reduced to 15 and -2 to attack
  • Precise Called shots is -6 to -8 for targeting specific body parts
  • Specific body parts are:
    Head: -8 to hit the head. -4 to all attacks, skills & saves (DC 15 or be staggered)
    Left or Right Arm: -8 to hit arm. -2 to attack & skills and can not use the hit arm
    Left or Right Hand: -8 to hit hand. -4 to attack & skills and can not use hit hand
    Right or Left Foot: -8 to hit foot. -4 to attack & skills and movement reduced to 5

Body part | Rolls affected |
| Head | All attack rolls, save and checks |
| Eye | Appraise, Craft, Demolitions, Disable Device, Forgery, Pilot, |
| | Repair, Search, Sense Motive, Spot and Survival checks, initiative |
| | rolls, Dexterity checks, Reflex saving throws. |
| Ear | Diplomacy, Listen and Sense Motive checks, Initiative rolls |
| Hand | Climb, Computer Use, Craft, Demolitions, Disable Device, Escape |
| | Artist, Forgery, Pilot, Repair, Sleight of Hand, and Treat Injury |
| | checks, attack rolls. |
| Arm | Climb and Swim checks, attack rolls, Strength checks |
| Foot/Leg | Climb, Jump, Move Silently, Ride, Swim and Tumble checks, Dexterity|
| | checks, Reflex saving throws; reduce speed by 2 meters

Starting out

  • Starting packages included one regional item of your choice from Faerun Campaign setting
  • Starting gold is starting gold calculation for class plus 150g

House Rules

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